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*Developer, Designer, Drummer, Cosmic Revolutionary. I do my own stunts.

February 2016

Gerrymandering – A Technologist’s Approach →

Gerrymandering, a process of drawing district lines to the advantage of a political party, is a problem that causes unequal political representation. In a democracy that is supposedly governed by the people, how can we fix gerrymandering in a way to promote equal representation?

January 2016

A Social Framework for Product Design →

Despite living in an age known for digital interconnectedness, the product that unequivocally took my breath away in recent memory was built in 1898, is not a modern technological product, and is not a product of a for-profit organization.

December 2015

STEM and Startup Immigration in the United States →

Over the past century, the United States has established itself as the leading world expert in technological innovation. From as early as the industrial revolution, America has changed the world with innovations ranging from cars, planes, spaceships, semiconductors, and so much more.

October 2015

Open Source, Technology, and the Future of Education →

Making things open source sounds like a great ideology of sharing and making the world a better place, but the success of making things open source depends on more than simply allowing anyone to use and modify it.

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