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Nook Simple Touch Review

On 25, Aug 2012 | No Comments | In Technology | By Daniel Kao

What do you get when you cross a high-contrast e-ink display with a touchscreen device running android? A cheap, light, readable Nook Simple Touch.

By default, the Nook can’t do much besides read books from the Barnes and Noble ecosystem and perhaps a couple of PDFs that get downloaded to the device. But after a short rooting process, it can read Amazon Kindle books as well as Google Play books. Additionally, it can be configured to read emails, Google docs, or run practically any other application available on Google Play or the Amazon Appstore. It’s only limited mainly by a lack of audio capabilities, and a slow-refreshing screen, so don’t expect to be able to watch videos or play games and music on it.

However, the lack of media capabilities, in my opinion, makes it an extremely valuable distraction-free productivity tool. Evernote on the nook is quite impressive.

Possibly the best $100 android tablet.

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