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July 2014

Connection Changes Everything →

Everything in life whether it be business or family or otherwise, all boils down to interactions and relationships with people.

May 2014

How to Find and Maintain Relationships with Mentors →

One of the most valuable things to have in life is a mentor. Someone that has gone before you, who has seen the road ahead, and can help guide you through it faster than you could’ve gotten through it yourself.

March 2014

Learning to Start a Movement Online →

Fifty years ago, a movement was started by gathering people together in physical locations in huge numbers to create significant demonstrations. The civil rights movement is an example of this. Thousands of people gathered together and marched for their freedom.

March 2014

Thoughts on the SAT Changes, and What an Effective Assessment Needs →

Last week, Collegeboard announced that they would be making changes to their flagship exam, the SAT. Among these changes include shifting the scale back to 1600 instead of 2400, making the essay optional, and changing the questions so that they pull from a broader knowledge base. And to help students prepare for this new exam, Collegeboard is partnering with Khan Academy to provide free test prep resources for students.