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September 2014

A Book a Week →

At the beginning of this summer, I decided that I wanted to read one book a week.

February 2014

On Cooking →

For most of my life, I’ve never really cooked.

January 2014

On Habits →

Human behavior is oftentimes nothing more than a collection of habits.

January 2014

Content Dieting: Managing What you Take In →

Many of my friends have been going on diets lately, such as becoming vegan or pescatarian. Besides wanting to cook a steak and shove it down their mouth, I have also taken the time to consider my own diet.

December 2013

School Teaches Us to Hate Subjects →

Ever since my shenanigan in kindergarten, I thought that I didn’t enjoy reading. In fact, most of my elementary school years I would stay as far away from books as I possibly could. I would only read when I was forced to for my English classes, because something in my mind told me that I wasn’t good at reading and that I didn’t enjoy it.