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Getting to iPrism on Android Mobile Devices

On 06, Mar 2012 | No Comments | In Technology | By Daniel Kao

If you’re a Lynbrook student with an android phone, you’ve probably experienced an error trying to get on to the school network. Due to complications with iprism, you will see an error page instead of iprism’s annoying log in page if you try browsing on your device.

Here is a quick guide to solving that problem.

Note: This is not a guide on how to bypass the filter, but merely a guide to getting the iprism login page to show up.

the problem is, your Android device is unable to resolve the hostname of iprism when you are at school, so a quick manual edit of your host file will easily solve that problem. This process will require you to be rooted, so if you are not rooted, be sure to check out this link on how to root your android device.

After you have successfully rooted your android device, fire up a root file explorer such as Root Explorer ($3.99) or Root Browser Lite (free). Using your file explorer, navigate to /etc and look for a file titled “hosts”. Be sure to mount R/W and open the hosts file in a text editor and add the following line: iprism

It looks like this:

Then save the host file, and fire up your browser and you should be greeted with the iprism login page.

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