Welcome to my humble corner of the internet, the place that I share my thoughts and creations on a seemingly endless digital canvas.


Diplateevo was initially created as a personal outlet for thoughts, but is now a place for high quality articles. Diplateevo is a place for education, entrepreneurship, productivity, leadership, technology, but may contain other musings (I do what I want).

Daniel grew up under a computer table because his parents couldn’t get him in a playpen. There, he taught himself how to code and began connecting with people all over the world via the internet. His mission is to build systems that help people reach their maximum potential and has led to endeavors in education, entrepreneurship, technology.

He has been a director at a nation-wide nonprofit organization, worked in the US department of Education under the office of Education Technology, helped start a charter school in San Francisco, and worked at a large range of technology startups as well as starting his own.

In his spare time, he cooks, eats, dances, golfs, drums, makes other loud noises and explosions, and does awesome.


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