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A Revolutionary Economy of Trust

On 27, Jan 2013 | No Comments | In Education | By Daniel Kao

Children are forced to attend school because we are afraid to let them learn on their own, make their own choices, and do whatever they want.

High schoolers are forced to take standardized tests because we cannot trust a personal and individualized measurement of creativity.

People often find themselves trapped in rigid, organized systems that don’t trust the individual.

Many of the systems that exist today are built on feelings of mistrust. However, there are other systems that are beginning to operate from a place of trust.

Trust brings human connection and innovation. Much of the business world is beginning to understand trust. Wikipedia trusts any individual to edit their knowledge base, Quora is trusting individuals to answer questions, Craigslist is trusting individuals to exchange goods.

But while trust brings authenticity, creativity, and personality, it also means vulnerability and inconsistency.

It means that people will no longer have systems and programs to hide behind, and really expose themselves to the world. It means that people will have to take command of their own learning and creating, and building for themselves what they dream in their heart.

When we learn how to trust other people by default, creativity will create innovation at a much faster rate.

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