April 2012

Behind The Playground →

My Recent short film, “The Playground”, was created using a combination of camera hacks and heavy post processing.

April 2012

How to Buy a College Laptop →

Buying a new computer can be an extremely daunting task if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Buying a new computer can be equated one of the Navi picking their flying partner mate. Secretly inside, I like to judge people by the kind of laptop they use. I have a category for each type of person with their computer organization habits, hardware and software choices. To those of you completely lost to the technology world, here is a somewhat comprehensive guide (hopefully) with personal suggestions as well.

April 2012

Learning →

The education system has always been focused on one thing: getting students to have more knowledge. Along with this goal comes many educational strategies. Homework, notes, quizzes, tests, labs, projects, grades, etc are all tools that are used by teachers in order to teach their students.