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Making the Most Out of Your Education

On 25, Feb 2012 | No Comments | In Education | By Daniel Kao

Since when did getting good grades equate a good education?

In fact, basing the success of your education off of your grades will often lead to a misguided approach to education. Making the most of your education does not mean getting the best grades you possibly can. Making the most out of your education includes not only your grades, but more importantly your motivation and drive to learn, your determination to go above and beyond the subject matter being taught.

In fact, often the most important education is the stuff being taught outside of classes; the extracurricular stuff. The stuff you will never be tested on and will never be reflected in your grades is often what will actually make a difference in a person’s professional abilities in their respective careers. Self-driven-education is perhaps the most effective education one can receive.

Making the most out of your education means to take advantage of everything being offered to you. It means a willingness to learn the material beyond what is required for the exam. What is the point in spending every waking moment of your life studying a subject that you’re going to completely forget about once you finish the exam?

Making the most out of your education means keeping your future in mind, and being intentional about learning in order to actually help yourself in the future. It’s not about the grade that your teacher gives you, but the knowledge that you walk away from the class with. The goal of education is so that you will know things that are applicable to life, not so that you can get a piece of paper signifying your success in a certain institution. Ultimately, a diploma is just ink on paper, meaning it is just about worthless. Your knowledge and growth as a person is ultimately what will help.

Think about it. If you’re still in high school, there is perhaps no other time in your life that you will be able to sit down and have your teacher conference with you and help you with your essays free of charge. There are so many ways you can set yourself apart from most high school students that just want to get out of the burning inferno of high school.

Even if the grass is greener on the other side, there’s nothing stopping you from making green grass exactly where you stand.

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New Beginnings

On 21, Feb 2012 | One Comment | In About Diplateevo | By Daniel Kao

A clean slate. A refreshed page.

It’s been about three years since I put diplateevo on the web, and now it is being reset and wiped clean in order to fulfill a different purpose. Beginning today, diplateevo is now a site dedicated to my portfolio and works, along with a blog which will be focused on technology, business, and productivity.

If you enjoyed the more spiritual side of diplateevo, that has been migrated over to my Tumblr.

Part of the reason for this move is that I want to be more intentional about writing quality articles that will help people, instead of posting random stuff that I see or random pictures that I take. I’ve got a number of posts already cooking, and that I shall be posting shortly.

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